Banco Ganadero

Banco Ganadero was founded in July 1993, when the Supervisor of Banks and Financial Entities in Bolivia authorized the privatization of the Fondo Ganadero de Santa Cruz S.A.M.

The new, private bank, with headquarters in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, was named Banco Ganadero S.A. On April 4, 1994, it received authorization to begin operations.

Banco Ganadero joined the Global Trade Finance Program of the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation in February 2010.

Personal Banking

Banco Ganadero offers personal checking accounts, savings accounts, fixed term deposit accounts,  credit cards, loans and debit cards.

Customers can have bank accounts in US dollars or bolivianos.

Banco Ganadero offers a credit card – Mujer VIP (Woman VIP) – that is designed especially for women.

Customers with this credit card can have discounts on purchases at home furnishing shops, beauty salons, boutiques, perfumeries jewelry shops, spas, opticians, and restaurants, as well as at Fidalgo supermarkets and Farmacorp pharmacies.

It also offers discounts on AeroSur flights.

Customers of Banco Ganadero with active checking accounts, savings accounts or credit cards can have their utility bills and credit card bills debited automatically from their accounts. Customers with active checking or savings accounts can pay their taxes at any branch.

College and university students with savings or checking accounts at Banco Ganadero can have their tuition fees taken from their accounts via automatic debit.

Banking transactions can be performed in branch, over the phone, online or at ATMs.

The bank offers personal safe deposit boxes and buys and sells foreign currency. International MoneyGrams can be purchased at any branch.

Businesses Banking

Business customers of Banco Ganadero can have savings accounts, checking accounts, fixed term deposit accounts, credit cards, debit cards and business loans.

Banco Ganadero will deposit employees’ salaries directly into their bank accounts.

Business customers can pay their utility bills by direct debit. They can pay taxes at any branch.

Safe deposit boxes are available for business customers.

Banco Ganadero will act as an intermediary during the handling of commercial and financial documents, both foreign and domestic.

The bank provides foreign money transfers and enables businesses to buy and sell foreign currency.

Banco Ganadero offers its business customers a collections service.