Banco Bisa

Banco Bisa, which was founded on July 5, 1963, is one of the most popular banks in Boliva

Its parent company Grupo Financiero Bisa, is also the owner of the insurance companies Bisa Seguros and La Vitalicia Seguros ; the investment companies, Bisa Sociedad de Titularización, Bisa Agencia de Bolsa, and Bisa Safi; Raisa Almacenes Internacionales, a bonded warehouse; and Bisa Leasing.

In July 2011, a hacker was imprisoned after being found guilty of cloning the Banco Bisa website and stealing funds equal to more than 20,000 US dollars. He was apprehended after trying to withdraw eight million dollars from an account.

Services for Individuals

Banco Bisa offers individuals savings accounts, time deposits accounts, checking accounts, foreign money transfers, loan, mortgages, trusts, debit cards and credit cards.

Life insurance is available though Bisa Seguros.

Banco Bisa will provide individuals with bank checks and will provide checks made out to people or organizations in foreign countries.

Customers can have personal safe deposit boxes.

Personal checking accounts can be in bolivianos, US dollars or euros. Funds in any of these currencies can be transferred between accounts.

Checks can be cashed in any branch.

Checking account customers can do their banking by cell phone.

Bills can be paid via direct deposit, from either a checking or a savings account.

Banco Bisa offers free telephone banking.

Services for Businesses

Services for businesses include checking accounts (in bolivianos, US dollars or euros) savings accounts, time deposit accounts, credit card, foreign money transfers, and trusts.

Businesses can use internet banking to pay suppliers and to pay employee salaries.

Banco Bisa provides businesses with loans for capital, investments and business-related construction.


Banco Bisa’s ATMs accept cash deposits in bolivianos and US dollars.

Banco Bisa offers a secure sin tarjeta (without card) service at its ATM machines.   To use this service, you enter your cell phone number and a secure PIN into the ATM machine. A code is then sent to your cell phone. You enter this code into the ATM and are then able to perform your transactions.